2nd October 2021



Welcome to the JK Body Transformation Plan,

Our plan is set out over 8 weeks. Our aim is to help and educate you, how to change your life for the better, give you the tools and teach you how to live and sustain the right amounts of exercise, alongside a healthy nutritional balance of foods. This is not an extreme weight loss programme, body changes will come without the need to heavily restrict your meals, you will eat great, tasty, family friendly meals. Even family members are achieving amazing results just from eating the same meals as our participants. Trust us, just as previous JK Plan participants have and you’ll achieve insane results and come away knowing how to sustain them! Past plan participants have lost an approximate average of 1-1.5 Stone in body weight and between 3-5% body Fat.

What does the plan consist of?

From day one measurements and body statistics recorded individually in private. Here, as a group, we will sit and discuss the plan going forward, we will do a talk on protein powders, hydration, meal planning and prep and answer any questions or concerns.

– You will be expected to attend a minimum of 4 session workouts per week. Attendance to the 4 every week will also earn you £50 back from your initial investment into the plan.

– We will agree 2 JK Plan exclusive workouts times, best suited to the group per week. You will also be able to attend any of the weekly VIPFIT Classes in addition to help make sure your hitting your 4 compulsory weekly workouts.

– As well as during your sessions with us, we will check in once a week over a 20-30 minute video call to discuss a specified topic and answer any questions that present themselves.

– You will physically check in at 2 weekly intervals, where you’ll receive a body stats recording progress check in.

– Full support given with daily access to both trainers throughout the plan.

– You will be given our JK Plan recipe book to work with and meal planners to use throughout.

The cost of the JK Body Transformation Plan is an initial £380.

On attendance to 4 sessions per week your total cost would then only be £330.

This plan is truly life changing, it has already changed many lives

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